"Travellin' West" - Live and acoustic on Australian TV show 'Tonecontrol' (July, 2012)
'Face Off' - Live Australian TV performance on popular TV show 'Guitar Gods & Masterpieces' (June, 2012)
Joe Matera, the one-time member of Geisha (2007-2010) is now back solo and recently recorded the original guitar composition ‘Starry Night’ for the movie ‘Ricky! – The Movie’. Joe dropped around to - in Nov. 2011 - to perform for you. Watch ‘Cruise Control’ and ‘Travellin' West’ from the TV studios below.


Performing 'Cruise Control' live and acoustic on Australian TV show 'Asylum TV' (Nov. 2011)
Live acoustic TV performance 'Travellin' West' on Channel 31's Asylum TV - April 26, 2011.